3W2Db4UD is not something you do

PerhapsĀ  3 Ways to die before you die is in itself a bit misleading. We cannot actually do this. There is the story of a couple of Africans who in the midst of religious awakening in Rwanda many years ago climbed a mountain and were going to fast and pray to the end that they may ‘crucify the old nature’. After a ‘very spiritual time’ they came back down the mountain horrified that half way down they had entered into a blazing arguement. A wise Christian said ‘Do you not know that you have already died with Christ?’ (A reference from the Bible). It seems that all the effort, stress and strain to achieve something paradoxically had produced the opposite. So lets get this straight – this is not something that we can gain any credit for. If it were so we would be defeating the object. Far from having ‘died before we die’ we and all our egoic structures would be very much alive!

I remember a time when a friend told me I was so humble. I felt very proud about that. There are times I have struggled so hard to be humble knowing, if I ever achieved it, i would be so proud. So equally however hard we struggle to achieve some super spiritual condition it will only result in a spiritual pride which is by far the worst sort of pride there is.

So lets rephrase this to 3 ways a dying can take place / happen before you die.

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