Christian Non Duality

Non – Duality: when words are not enough to explain God or convey what we want to say Non dual teaching can be very helpful. It is my aim that with wisdom and guidance to convey in what may appear to be terms unfamiliar to the traditional Christian parlance an experience of God which is familiar to all and beyond the binary distinctions which lock us and indeed our view of God within a framework which can never expand beyond the limitations of thought. We must remember that our Christian faith is built out of more than the intellect. Take for instance Wesley’s Quadrilateral through which Wesley informs us of 4 different elements which make up the Christian faith: The Bible, Experience, Reason, and Tradition. The particular element which stands out is ‘experience’ within which I could argue from the other elements that the Non – Dual interpretation of reality provides ground for a deeper experience of God from a Theistic and Christian experience. Here for instance is a taster:


Before you begin always remember you are already that. …

There is nowhere to go and no one to go there. All that is, is all that is needed – it is a spaciousness in which there are boundless possibilities and the power to truly love arises. Not even the understanding of this is needed. If that were so it would just be the cause of another unnecessary space between what is and the imaginary what you hope to be or have. So this is not written as something the understanding of which is a condition but as something as a pointer whose underlying meaning is beyond words or any conditional event that would create space between what is and what one would hope to attain.
While something is potential it cannot be actual. Therefore any pointer fails because there is a corresponding gap between the pointer and the thing pointed at – a gap either bridged or not by the entity. So it is necessary to abandon the above statement as something to be processed over time in order to engage with pure spontaneity.
The spontaneity with which one must embrace the space must happen immediately after -no! “with” – the recognition that this is what is needed or one feels or wills the desire to start. The moment one considers to ‘start’ at its inception is the moment one is already ‘that’. The moment of seeking is accompanied with the joy of finding! One discovers that it was not the desire or will to seek that was the primary cause but the beckoning of the sought. Spacious love is always all-ready with us constantly luring us to respond.
This cannot be grasped. How can you grasp or what is the point of grasping what is always present and can never be taken away? Grasping seeks to contain and stop the insecurity that movement can bring. Just like you cannot stop the river or contain it by putting it in a jar so spacious love cannot be reduced thus. The idea of a present moment is a ‘fallacy of misplaced concreteness’ it’s OK as a concept but reality is constantly on the move – being still and knowing God could paradoxically be equated to being still and knowing true movement. Being still for its own sake is impossible.

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