Karen Armstrong: The battle for God

The Battle for GodThe Battle for God by Karen Armstrong

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KA as usual has thoroughly researched her subject and speaks with great authority on the subject of fundamentalism in the 3 major faiths. She differentiates between ‘logos’ … the analytical conceptual aspect of religion and ‘mythos’ … the intuitive aspect. Because these have been confused and out of balance and dis-integrated within the 3 faiths in their own individual ways there has been conflict within and between them. The book helped me to realise the part that western rationalism, control and greed has had to play in stirring up aggression in the East.
It was hard going acquainting myself with alot of the Islamic names/terms but a glossary is provided to which I often referred.
‘Fundamentalism is an embattled faith; it anticipates immanent annihilation’ – for this reason as we can see in history repression is not the answer. Neither is retaliation. It is a surprise to western (and eastern) secularism that religion and particularly fundamentalism is still so strong. Will it go away? All 3 religions have the golden rule at the centre and to return to that is the only answer. For that reason KA has set up Charter for Compassion which I encourage all to sign up to.

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